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Carolyn Adolph



Carolyn Adolph is a reporter that covers Seattle’s growth as part of our Region of Boom reporting team. She’s also a co-host of KUOW’s Prime(d) podcast.

Carolyn’s work has come to be about the economic destinies of cities, countries and individuals, and the struggle to find a secure place in the world. This has led her to focus on the impact of technological change while making her a digger for data and a determined reader of government reports.

Carolyn has won awards for her journalism in two countries. Prime(d) was honored in spring 2018 by SABEW, the society of business writers. She is also a winner of Canada’s biggest journalism prize, the National Newspaper Award.

Before coming to Seattle, Carolyn was a reporter at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, The Toronto Star and the Montreal Gazette.

After more than a decade in America she unequivocally speaks French like an English person. 

To see more of Carolyn's past KUOW work, visit our archive site.