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Keep the faith – or else, says Washington State

2016’s faithless electors are fighting their fines in court. Two state senators debate mental healthcare reform, and a Seattle librarian is tackling the problem of fake news. Lastly: in the smackdown for state clam, who will reign supreme?

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Faithless electors

Today three Washington Democrats are telling the state Supreme Court why they voted against Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College vote, becoming faithless electors. Associate professor of political science at Georgia State University Daniel Franklin explains why they hoped it would keep Donald Trump out of office – and why that failed.

Mental healthcare reform

Last year the state’s largest mental health hospital, Washington State, lost federal funding because of assaults on patients and staff, patient escapes, and staffing shortages that have left people with mental illnesses sitting in jails waiting for evaluation. Democratic Senator Manka Dhingra and Republican Steve O’Ban discuss their plans for reform.

Fake news librarian

Real headline or Onion article? In the past few years, that question’s gotten harder and harder to answer. The Seattle Public Library, however, is coming to the rescue. They offer a class called “Fake News Survival Guide,” taught by librarian Di Zhang. He joined Bill Radke in studio. Notice when something confirms your biases, says Di, and be a little more skeptical (also, READ IT) before you click “share.”

Mollusk smackdown: who will prevail?

Geoduck or razor clam? Last week in Olympia, legislators introduced a bill to make the razor clam the official state mollusk. Dan Ayres from the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s coastal shellfish unit is Team Razor Clam, whereas Tom Stocks of Taylor Shellfish Company wants you to consider the humble geoduck.